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About Us
Thank you for looking at our site. We hope you have found it informative and something to remember. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a horrible disease and unfortunately it's not the only one, but remember that knowledge is power. The more everyone knows, learns, and discovers about MS or any other disease, the sooner a cure can be found. It's also important to remember that it's not a matter of "if" but rather "when" a cure will be found.

Our reason and mission is to provide basic information that will help educate others about this disease. The greater the understanding of MS and all that is involved with it, the greater your desire for more information will become. We want you to have a better understanding and comfort level of the subject and of those suffering daily with this disease. Every person with MS or any other disease has their own story that can be told. We feel that if just one fact, one bit of information, or a story can help just one person, then it's worth it.

It's a good feeling to help another person, whether that help is large or small, direct or indirect, simply because it's the "right thing" to do. For anyone to be able to say that "I" helped another person today is a wonderful thing - and the "right thing." What a person or group can do to give back to others is as individual and personal as the person them self. We hope that this site will give hope where it is needed, understanding where there is not, and a reason to fight on until this battle is won.

We attempt to stay neutral regarding what direction someone stricken with this disease should take, except when it comes to fighting back or not. We try to offer a broad amount of information directly on our site and many links to other sites for more specific information and views. It's important to look around and find as much information that is needed as with anything in life. The choice of what road to travel is ultimately up to the individual, but what we want to do is to provide a bit more information to them so the choice is an informed one. has been our site since 2007. It's simply another way or tool in getting the word out about MS and winning the fight against it. We began under a different name in mid-2004 and changed our name and web address to match what we are working for.

In September 2010, we closed down our original site. That site had been kept open after our new main site was launched with goal of serving those with dial-up internet access, lower bandwidths, and a standard size monitor.

As internet speeds and technology have increased in speed, we focused strictly on and stopped updating the old site. The old site was kept as a backup site and as a courtesy to those who found this layout more useful and to give ample notification to those using it that the site was moving.

Moving or consolidating everything to the new name of aligned us better with our purpose.


Our first site was always basic and never quite as flashy as some others sites, but rather just tried to just get the point across.

Now began with a new and more MS friendly name, one that has a more personal touch for those with MS. With research, treatments, and medications constantly changing, we will also be updating this site to keep up until we can shut it down once a cure is found.

We still kept the look and feel of our site more on the basic side, but that is intentional. We want the focus to be on the information and not our appearance.

As time goes on, we will continue to grow. Since MS appears to be a guest that doesn't every leave, neither shall we.